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Explainers & Evidence

Reference: Green Party’s High Speed Rail Briefing Note, 2011

Below is a copy of the Briefing Note reproduced at, retrieved February 11th 2021. We cannot currently verify it is identical to the briefing note actually issued at the GPEW Spring Conference in 2011 and relied upon to pass Conference motion TR11.3. If anyone does have an authoritative link… Read More »Reference: Green Party’s High Speed Rail Briefing Note, 2011

Stimulate air travel?

Some objections to HS2 are because people have heard that it will stimulate air travel. After all, it’s supported by, and has stations near, Birmingham and Manchester airports. Of course we Greens want much less air travel, not more, so how can we support HS2? HS2 is not about airports.… Read More »Stimulate air travel?

RIS2: The real enemy is roads

We know many very committed Greens are involved in these protests against HS2, concerned about the loss of habitat and woodland. We respect their dedication, but they’re protesting about the wrong thing. The real enemy is the government’s vast RIS2 road-building programme. Unlike RIS2, HS2 is an investment in a… Read More »RIS2: The real enemy is roads